Saturday, October 19, 2013

4 years + 5 months

Lincoln's big thing this month is asking, "What day is it??"  If it's Wednesday, he'll respond, "Hump Daaay!"  Austin taught this to him from the infamous camel GEICO commercial. which you can view here.  It's funny the first three times.  We have also had to restrict it to only Wednesdays.

Lincoln also asks a lot of rhetorical "Why?" questions like, "Do you know why I like pink?  Because I like pink."  "Do you know why I'm hungry?  Because I'm hungry."

After talking a lot about fire safety at preschool, Lincoln can recognize/read every Exit sign.  He points them all out (sometimes very loudly) wherever we go.  Super Target has a lot of them!

Preschool also means art projects!  Here are some from the last month:

Lincoln continues to be a happy, expressive goofball.  Here is a sample from his monthly photo shoot when told to smile:

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