Sunday, October 20, 2013

DM Half Marathon

Austin signed up to run the Des Moines half marathon with his dad, sister (Brandi) and her husband (Adam).  However, his dad hurt his leg the week before the race, so Austin's brother, Tyler, ran in his dad's spot.  Here are the runners getting ready to leave for the race:

The kids & I parked by Gray's Lake around the 10 mile mark to cheer them on.  Unfortunately, we missed Austin because he was running too fast!  We stayed until we saw the other three and took off for the finish line.  Because of construction downtown, the finish line was moved to one of the bridges going across the river.  It made for very crowded conditions.  We saw Adam & Brandi finish but were too late for Austin & Tyler.  Austin set a new personal best at 1:39.02.  Here are the runners after the race:

We couldn't find Tyler in the crowd, but he was waiting back at the van.  Here was his finish picture:

 It was fun to see them run as a family.  It might become an annual tradition!

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