Friday, February 22, 2013

Recycled house

Emily has been all about raiding the recycling bin lately for building materials.  She even calls it her "mailbox" sometimes.  Today, she put together quite the masterpiece "Kleenex box house" for the Featherlock family, which consisted of a yogurt container Mom & Dad, TP tube kids Jack & Annie, and a paper baby.  They had a car and a tree house.  She later made an intricate paper crib for the baby.  It was loosely based on Magic Treehouse, and she pretend-played with it for a long time.

After the initial day of fun, the whole thing got shoved under her art table and was left untouched for several days.  I made the mistake of asking Emily to pick up her art table and put the recycling back in the bin right before bed one night.  She was overly tired and had a meltdown about me destroying her stuff.  I had already threatened to pick it up for her if she didn't pick it up herself.  She's usually not that attached to her projects, and rarely remembers or says anything if you quietly dispose of something when she's not around.  I should have done that this time.  After she went huffing off to bed, I proceeded to pick it up for her.  I came away with a laundry basket full of recycling and half a trash bag of trash.  Unfortunately for Emily, I didn't see the note she had left until I was almost done. ;o)

I also took down the list of "rules" she put up the weekend before when Lincoln started messing with her piles.

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