Friday, February 1, 2013

Canada presentation

For Social Studies, Emily's Kindergarten class did a unit on Canada during January.  They made little paper bag backpacks and took the "Nuss Bus" on a virtual field trip, collecting facts and photos along the way.

As a special treat, and in response to an invitation to anyone from Emily's teacher, Austin volunteered to do a presentation on Canada for the class since he travels there frequently for work.  Emily was so excited!  She eagerly  helped put together the presentation and made cue cards for herself for the introduction and conclusion, as well as other facts.  She & Austin practiced at home with Emily clicking through the PowerPoint.  The original presentation had to be cancelled because of a snow day, but was rescheduled for February 1.  Lincoln & I came along to record the presentation.

Austin & Emily did a fabulous job!  It was a little distracting because kids were constantly going in an out for mid-year testing.  Emily's conclusion and the typical Kindergartner Q&A session were cut off because my memory card was full.  Emily's cue cards are at the end of the video, so you can see what she said (although she left out the part about Mexico).   Austin & Emily make a great team!

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