Thursday, February 28, 2013

6 years + 4 months

Emily has become quite the party planner.  She has already been planning Lincoln's "Thomas" themed birthday party.  She has lists of gift ideas.  She even made him a birthday card three months early.

I mentioned the class Valentine's party in the Valentine's post.  After that she moved on to Tyler and Chelsea's wedding (she was concerned that we needed to decide what kind of flowers she was going to carry as the flower girl).  Now she's working on an Easter play to be performed with the Lorenzen cousins.

Emily has her first loose tooth!  She has a sudden interest in foods that might make it fall out faster.  I think she's excited for it to fall out, but doesn't want to have to pull it out.  She wants it to happen naturally.  She honestly tried apple slices again, but ended up spitting it out.  After months of turning up her nose at baby carrots, she has eaten them on several occasions.  They aren't really helping, though.

Emily has given up on most of the bedtime excuses.  The other night, however, she asked for a Band-aid.  She was genuinely bleeding with a pretty decent-sized scrape on the back of her leg.  I asked her how that happened when she was supposed to be sleeping.  She admitted to trying to hide under her bed so she could read by closet light without me being able to see her on the video monitor that is currently set up in her room.  She doesn't know that I haven't been watching the monitor for weeks.  But now I am!

Emily has had some trouble with the boys at recess this month.  From what I gather, she helped them build a snow fort by rolling snowballs.  She is "in" with them, but the boys won't let any of the other girls come near the fort.  The boys just growl at them, and Emily didn't know what to do because she just wants the boys and girls to get along.  Austin & I suggested that she lead the girls in building their own fort.  A few days later I found this note in the bottom of her backpack.

After a week I asked about the progress.  Emily was discouraged.  She said that after the first day of the girls' revolution, none of the girls wanted to help anymore, so she was left on her own.  She lamented that the boys had such a cool fort with a [pretend] TV and everything.  She wondered when the boys were going to play in the fort instead of just building it.  (Difference between girls & boys)  I also found this note in the bottom of her backpack.

Emily's class studied the five senses in February, and each student narrated a little slide show of pictures they each chose.  Below is the link to Emily's video.

Emily's teacher also asked her to narrate a classroom video she had to make after getting to use a bundle of mini iPads for a week.  Emily did a super job in just one take and especially did a good job with her /s/ sounds!

Below is Emily's February artwork from school.

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