Sunday, February 10, 2013

President Emily

On Sunday afternoon, Emily decided we should hold an election for president of the household.  I asked her what the presidential duties would be.  She replied, "To solve natural problems like arguments and whatever else the person who gets elected decides to do."  Emily made the rule that you couldn't vote for yourself.  I won the first two rounds (even though I wanted to abdicate), but after lobbying Austin and a third round of questionable voting, Emily came out on top.  I had voted for her every time. 

Her first order of business was to make a name card (never mind the misspelling of her middle name).  

Then she got busy putting together her president's office downstairs, including a little addition to her name card. ;o)  After multiple yarn-cutting ceremonies, she was open and ready for business.  She coaxed Lincoln to sit in a chair and then in a most harried voice demanded, "Tell me your problem, Lincoln.  I'm very busy!" 

Emily also made herself a necklace out of yarn and paper that had little red/white/blue pennant flags and a "President" label.  I saw her stuff it in her backpack the next morning.  We found out at PT conferences that night that she had proudly worn it at school most of the day.  Oh my!

Like most elected positions, this one was big on talk and short on action.  It was more about the pride of getting elected.  And that's okay for now. :o)

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