Thursday, January 26, 2012


Today was a perfect day to play in the snow.  I was so eager to get outside, I woke Lincoln up from his nap (he'd already been sleeping for over 3 hours) so we could have plenty of time to play before the sun went down.  My first priority was making a giant snowman.  There are already two big ones in our neighborhood.  However, I quickly realized my limitations as to how big of a ball of snow I can realistically lift into place.  Regardless, this was our first creation.

With such ideal packing conditions and a whole yard full of pristine snow, we had to make another one in the front yard.  Emily spent a lot of time "packing" it together while Lincoln was just interested in sticking in the nose and eyes.  Lincoln was pretty proud of the end result!  (Note: I am aware that Lincoln is not wearing mittens in any of these pictures.  He is still at the age where getting his thumb in the proper hole is nearly impossible and just sticking them on renders his hands useless.  Because it was fairly warm out, it was just easier to let him go barehanded.) 

Emily soon got bored with snowmen and spent the next 45 minutes digging holes and tunnels in the small pile at the end of the driveway.

Lincoln scooped and raked snow, went for a ride in the sled and even trudged out to the backyard for a quick ride on the swing.  He was quite disappointed that the sandbox lid was tied down for the winter, but I learned my lesson after the first big windstorm when our neighbor thankfully grabbed it and stored it in her garage until the wind died down.

We're hoping for some more nice days to dig around in the snow!

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Heather's Henhouse said...

looks so fun, glad you are getting out to enjoy it!