Thursday, January 19, 2012

2 years + 8 months

Lincoln is another month older!  A big thing I noticed this month is that he has pretty much stopped drooling.  Hallelujah!  It has been 2 years + 5 months since he started.  I was almost to the point of starting to look into it medically, but my procrastination paid off and he stopped on his own.  I think he would just get too busy and would forget to swallow.

Lincoln's speech continues to expand.  He has become a lot more conversational lately.  There are still times when I don't know what he's saying, but more often I'm surprised by what he does say.  He has a lot of thoughts that go on that he hasn't been able to share before!

One of his funny sayings (and favorite things to do) is to "make schuguh wif Mommy" (make sugar with Mommy--i.e. help me with baking/cooking).  Whenever I put on my apron or he hears the mixer bowls clanging he comes running.  He even has his own little blue apron.  His favorite things are to stir the dry ingredients, lick the beaters and play in the dish water.

Another of Lincoln's favorite things to do this month is combing his hair.  Since his hair is really too short for it to do much good, I think he really just likes the feeling on his scalp.  I'm trying to get him to comb my hair because I love it when people comb/brush my hair, but it's going to take a little more practice. :op

Lincoln had a little cold the first bit of January and ended up with an ear infection (only the second of his life).  The funny kid absolutely LOVED his non-flavored, non-colored amoxicillin.  He sucked it right down every time and begged for more.  I had to hide it in the trash when the 10 days were up because he wasn't ready to be done.

Lincoln is definitely our snuggler and loves reading books.  He asks for books by name and can kind of "read" along.  He recognizes there are letters on the page and demands that you read them if you haven't already (although you can still get by with skimming through  the words sometimes).  He has started enjoying longer books like Franklin and The Berenstain Bears.  He is definitely a second born/baby in that every once in a while he likes to turn a book upside down just to see what it looks like from a different viewpoint.  As a firstborn, this drives me nuts, but it makes me smile. :o)

Lincoln's eating habits continue to be sporadic and come and go in phases.  This month he/we discovered a new love: strawberry jam.  His go-to lunch is a "jam samich", shredded cheese, fruit and Cheetos.  I have been known to trade single Cheetos for bites of a meal quite a few times in the past couple weeks.

In the movement category, Lincoln has been doing a lot of jumping.  He always wants to jump off the last step on the stairs.  He often carries around and jumps off the step stools scattered around our house.  We had to immediately put the kibosh on jumping off the furniture.  It's a good thing he received a little exercise trampoline for Christmas!  On a related note, whenever Lincoln falls down or runs into anything he gets a funny sad look on his face and says, "I go bonk!" or "I bonk my head!"  As you can imagine, we hear this quite often.  :o)

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