Saturday, January 7, 2012

52 OHC: Week 1

This week's challenge was the kitchen countertops and sink.  The focus was on decluttering and keeping things clear.  This is an area where we are already doing well.  For the most part, the only things on the counter are things that are used on an almost daily basis.  However, there are a couple "hot spots" (as the FlyLady calls them) that seem to build up clutter quickly.  The first is the "mail" area.  This spot tends to collect papers, projects and items that need to go downstairs or be put away.  Mail that doesn't require my immediate attention gets put in the mail holder and builds up.  It gets cleared off regularly, but I thought it could use a little sprucing up. 

Like most things with picture slots, I've always had intentions of putting something in the slots of the organizer.  I don't consider myself a creative or crafty person, but I was pretty proud of this little project I thought up on my own. (Must have been inspired after getting sucked into Pinterest!)  Whenever we receive cards of any kind, they get thrown in a basket in the cabinet.  The basket was starting to overflow, and it was one of the daily missions on the 2012 Declutter Calendar this week, so it was a win-win-win idea.  I quickly sorted through almost three years worth of cards and looked for patterns that could be used as backgrounds.  I chose three that went together and gave the rest to Emily for her own art projects (they use a lot of greeting cards at preschool in the art center).  I cut out squares of patterns and glued labels on each before sliding them into the slots.  Total cost of the project: $0.  Now each item has a home, and theoretically, I shouldn't have to hunt around so long for a Sharpie. ;o)

The other "hot spot" in our kitchen is the top of the fridge.  One of the reasons is because it is one of the few "up" places left on the main floor of our house.  It was just a matter of putting things away that had accumulated and restoring it to the state I had put it in over a year ago.  I also cleared off the front of the fridge and hung up the January Declutter calendar.


Here are the "after" pictures of our kitchen counters.  As I alluded to earlier, 95% of the time this is what they look like after supper is cleaned up.  One thing I'm quickly learning about this little organizing adventure is that I'm more organized than I give myself credit for sometimes.  However, there are always things to be tweaked and improved.  There are also just some areas that need a little more help than others. :o)

P.S. These pictures make me even more anxious to gut this kitchen and put a little life and character into a part of the house I spend a lot of time in!


Becky Bartlett said...

I'm impressed!! Your before and after pictures are funny- you really are organized already! (compared to people like me!) :) I tackled the challenge today, too, and my counters look wonderful for the first time in years. I have to wait to post pictures until I'm caught up on the blog... darn chronological order issue I have!! :) Nice work!

Vander Maten said...

We are gutting the kitchen at the end of next month!

Julie Ulven said...

I completed my task today and the counters look great (by my standards). I have some photos to post later. I am trying to move all the "office supplies" computer, etc. to the dining room and the old China hutch. Project for this week. Goal: keep all the paper off the counters!

Good work Megan!

Heather's Henhouse said...

This should have been easy for us but it took some work. I'm so glad we got it done because it looks great! Next is the top of the fridge and cabinet on the porch... this will also take awhile. I already emailed Phil asking for help : )