Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Moving up (and forward)

Now that he weighs over 17.5 lbs., we officially ditched the baby carrier and moved Lincoln up to a convertible car seat.  Today was our first outing.  I'm not sure if the pained expression on his face is because of the new car seat, the new marshmellow coat that prevents any kind of movement, the hat (or any hat) that always covers his eyes, the biting wind, or the fact I woke him up in the middle of his morning nap to drag him to the library for Emily's story hour.

He was obviously much happier once he was packed into the car cart at Fareway.  It was quite a circus.  Besides having to carry a squirmy, slippery baby and keep track of a dawdling little girl, I also just got a new purse that resembles a bowling ball bag and weighs about as much.  I can't figure that out, though, because when I moved everything over I didn't add anything, and it still seems so much heavier.  Anyway, with a new wallet and a new organizational system it's going to take awhile to get used to a whole new way of running errands and shopping.

In addition to moving up in the world, Lincoln is also moving forward.  He's still not "crawling", but he is experimenting with other techniques.  One way is a half slither, half army crawl.  Another is to get up on all fours and sort of launch himself forward and then repeat.  I've already moved all of the large, floor houseplants to the upstairs guest room and tried to hide the computer cords.  Next to come are the outlet covers and cupboard locks.


Adam & Brandi said...

While I appreciate the carts with the car, I do not appreciate that there isn't as much space to put your groceries! And now that Seth likes to grab whatever he can reach behind him, it makes for an entertaining trip to Fareway each week:)

Heather's Henhouse said...

We were hoping to wait until spring to move Harlie to a convertable car seat but she's about 19lbs and my back is starting to hurt. The other day I put a coat on her planning to carry her into church and leaving the car seat but then she fell asleep so, I carried the car seat in. Oh well, maybe next time. My back up option is to use the stroller more but that seems silly, using that at church and with all the snow. But I do use it at the library and it works well.