Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Fun in the snow!

It was finally nice enough to go outside and play in the snow today.  I don't know who was more excited--me or Emily.  They talked about snow and read books like The Snowy Day at her preschool story hour at the library this morning.  Plus I've had to sing the entire "Frosty the Snowman" song from a book we have more times than I can count in the last week.  Emily even willingly traded her Christmas dress for a shirt when getting all the snow gear on!  She thought the pockets in her snow pants were pretty cool--especially when I gave her some carrots to put in them.

Our main objective was to build a snowman--or three.  It was a little tricky because you could only use the very top layer of snow where the sun had hit and started melting it.  Everything else was too powdery or hard.  Here are our creations...

Emily, of course, wanted to build more (she suggested 10), but I had only brought 3 carrots outside, and I was having a hard time remembering where to dig for rocks and/or sticks in the landscaping.  She was very proud of them, though, and even had to check on them again before going to bed to see if they were sleeping. :o)

She also enjoyed trying to pull me in the sled and tromping around in the backyard carrying the stuffed snowman from the decorative bench on the porch and singing lines from "Frosty the Snowman."  Check out the January video player for more on that.  Our time ended when Emily sunk deep into a drift and got snow all over her hands and up her sleeves because her mittens were off.  I'm not sure how we managed to lose 3 out of her 4 mittens, but we did.  We may have to make an emergency trip to Wal-mart tomorrow.  Anyway, Emily went inside while I finished picking up and putting away stuff outside.  By the time I got inside she already had her Christmas dress back on along with her snow pants.  In fact, she insisted on wearing her snow pants for the next half hour because she was pretending to be Papa Bear from The Berenstain Bears working in his shop.  This is the exact same pair of snow pants she almost flat-out refused to put on last winter.  Go figure.  At least they fit better!

After Lincoln woke up from his nap we bundled up again and went for a sled ride up and down the block on the snow-packed street.  I LOVE the expression on Lincoln's face in the first picture when he's sitting on Emily's lap (click to zoom in for a closer look).  However, after we got him propped up with the stuffed snowman I think he somewhat enjoyed the short ride.

Then we had fun making "chairs" in the snow banks along the driveway.  Lincoln still didn't know what to think.  Notice Emily with one pant leg up and one mitten missing but loving every minute of it.

The sunshine was beautiful and fresh air was wonderful.  Both kids conked out after we got back inside and the silence was deafening.  I'm sure we will be having another adventure outside tomorrow despite Emily's insistence at bedtime that the snow was going to melt and it was going to be spring tomorrow.  One can only wish!


Adam & Brandi said...

I like the snowmen! We couldn't do snowmen because Seth is always outside with us, and that just doesn't go over real well, if you know what I mean....hopefully this weekend, with both of us home, we can accomplish a snowman:).

alisha said...

Looks like you guys had tons of fun!! Hooray for 30 degrees!!

cobo said...

Cute snow pictures! I love the "pretending to be Papa Bear!"