Friday, January 15, 2010

Big helper

Emily has really been into "helping" lately.  She'll ask to help with about anything--especially in the kitchen.  Even though it's usually easier/faster/more efficient to do it myself, I've tried to oblige as much as possible because a) it's entertaining for her and better than having her sit in front of a video b) she might actually be learning some important skills and c) she won't always be so willing to help around the house.

This afternoon Emily & I both had a craving for cookies.  Since my once glorious freezer supply had dwindled down to one lonely oatmeal raisin cookie, I decided it was a good time for some fresh chocolate chip cookies.  Emily helped make the dough by counting the eggs, assisting in scooping & leveling the flour and stirring the dry ingredients.  We both enjoyed the fun part--licking the beaters. :o)  I even let Emily try to transfer the cookies from one pan to the cooling rack by herself.  She didn't do half bad.  Of course, eating them is the best part!  Emily doesn't seem to mind melted chocolate on her face, but she doesn't like flour on her hands.  She had to run to the bathroom at least twice to do a full washing. ;o)

Another thing Emily was excited to help with today was laundry.  She did a great job moving clothes in and out of the dryer.  Too bad this is her idea of folding clothes!

The last big help of the day was washing the potatoes for supper.  I had to do a quality control check, but she was starting to get the idea.  She wanted to wash the whole 5 lb. bag.  Or probably just play in the water.  She only stopped because the front of her dress got wet and she had to run and go change into her other Christmas dress. ;o)

Some of the other things Emily likes to "help" with are setting the table (silverware & napkins), giving Lincoln a bath (dispersing bath toys), reading bedtime books to Lincoln (i.e. selecting the books and trying to turn the pages for him), feeding the fish (when she feels like it and I remember), and holding Lincoln's sippy cup up to his mouth.  She is also asserting more and more of her independence.  Not only does she insist on dressing herself, she is now insisting on going potty all by herself, including the hand-washing.  She hasn't been tested with #2 yet, so we'll have to see how that goes. :op  It's so fun to see her grow and learn every day!

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cobo said...

What a big helper! Makes me want to bake some chocolate chip cookies right now. Also, I don't know what Emily's "other" Christmas dress looks like--this one must be her favorite, or she just must be wearing it when the camera is out. Hope it's warm enough to play outside again for you!