Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Christmas dress

I had mentioned Emily's current obsession with wearing Christmas dresses in her monthly update post.  We are now on Day 15 of the Christmas dress phase.  This is a picture of Emily at 7:45am this morning shortly after I pulled the two dresses out of the dryer.  I try to confiscate them every 3-4 days and wash them overnight.  I make her put on black tights or leggings when we go out in public, otherwise just about anything goes as far as accessories.  Feel free to vote in the blog poll on the left sidebar with your guess of how long this phase will last!

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The Josh Hill Family..... said...

Julia is the EXACT same way! She has been wearing the same jean skirt for 2 straight months! She wears tights when we have to go somewhere. She'll even dig and dig in the dirty clothes in order to find it, so I have to be quick in order to get it washed! Gotta love little girls! Happy New year to you guys!