Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th of July weekend

We made the first major road trip as a family of four this weekend to NW Iowa and everything went pretty well. My dad had not been able to make it to Denver to meet Lincoln because of spring field work, so that was a highlight. Lincoln was also introduced to all six of his great-grandparents on Saturday. We stayed with my parents in Hull, but Austin had a cousin get married in Sioux City on Saturday evening, so we saw all of his family, too. That's a lot of people in one day! The kids actually handled everything very well.

Emily enjoyed running around Grandpa & Grandma's farm looking at the cows and playing with a big pink ball. The big fireworks in Sheldon were rained out on Friday night, but my parents had purchased an assortment from Pyro City in South Dakota to shoot off in the backyard. Emily didn't appreciate the first bottle rocket, so a lot of it was viewed through fingers covering her eyes. By the end she was asking for more, though. :o) It's probably a good thing we didn't go to a big show yet this year.
Emily also enjoyed dancing (i.e. chasing around) with her cousin Asher at the wedding while everyone else was eating. There is a video of that plus other weekend fun in the new July video player at the bottom of the blog.

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