Thursday, July 30, 2009

33 months old

Emily is officially 2 3/4 years old. How come we don't use fractions of years other than 1/2? Anyway, she has really been enjoying playing outside with the beautiful weather and a less stringent mom, although her bed sheets feel like a sandbox regardless of her nightly bath. :o) Here's some of the other happenings from the last month...

  • Since we're done with house showings we had to put the child safety latch back on the pantry cupboard door. Emily has a slight addiction to dry cereal lately and will help herself to a snack at any time of day. I guess the cereal boxes will have to be stored in a high cupboard in the new house.

  • Emily's standard hairdo is now pigtails thanks to Grandma B. The only choice in the morning now is what color bands to use. Emily does a relatively good job of standing still when I put them in and a very good job of leaving them in all day. With her crazy cowlicks the hardest part is trying to get the part straight. Emily notes, "Mommy is cutting hair," when I'm using a comb to draw the part line.

  • One of Emily's big accomplishments is being able to point to and count objects with relative accuracy,

  • Emily also has learned the names of most of the main Sesame Street characters--not because she has ever watched a single minute of Sesame Street, but because they are on her juice boxes and Lincoln's diapers. She likes picking out diapers for Lincoln and usually digs through the basket until she finds an Elmo or a Big Bird.

  • Speaking of diapers, Austin has been trying to teach Emily to call Lincoln "Stinkin' Lincoln" when he has a dirty diaper. Hmmm...definitely a Daddy idea. :op

  • Emily had a small introduction to sharing toys with Lincoln this past week. I finally washed up all the baby toys since he is starting to get to the point of being interested in them. I placed a small ring of plastic jangly keys in Lincoln's hand and Emily immediately insisted that she wanted to play with the keys. I had to calmly explain that she could play with them when Lincoln was done (he dropped them 30 seconds later). The silly things came out of a dollar bin at Target or something and she only played with them a couple times as a baby. Lincoln also received a really cute stuffed frog (see photo shoot from yesterday) as a baby gift. Emily immediately latched on to it, and we had to have a discussion about that fact that it's really Lincoln's frog. In fact, Emily received a stuffed doll in the same gift specifically intended for her, but she's way more into the frog. That will make for some fun times down the road!

  • Emily is also too smart and observant for our own good sometimes. The latest example of her catching our inconsistency/hypocrisy is regarding the wearing of pajamas outside. Since she still usually changes herself back into her jammies at some point (or two or three) during the day, we have a daily back-and-forth about the fact that she can't wear her jammies to go outside to play and she has to put clothes back on. So if I go let Cheney outside 10 minutes after I've crawled out of bed in the morning Emily promptly announces, "Can't go outside with your jammies on!"

The Winkflash pictures are being uploaded and the July video player is below. We should have some fun remodeling pictures of the new house in August!

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