Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Praise God for Grandma!

Austin had to go to Maryland on business, so Grandma Lorenzen came up from Des Moines to help out while he was gone. Emily got a marathon book-reading session at bedtime. I got to go back to bed in the morning until 9:00am and actually accumulated 7 hours of sleep! I took Lincoln to a doctor's appointment this afternoon while Emily went to Oelwein with Grandma to visit some old friends. She also got a cute french braid in her hair. Then we all went to take a second look at a house we're ready to put an offer on. It was such great help and encouragement to have her here. Thanks Grandma Lorenzen! :o)

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Sarah Craft said...

Hooray for Grandmas indeed!! We are so lucky to have them close by. And congrats on 7 hours of accumulated sleep!!