Saturday, June 27, 2009

Outdoor follow-up

After re-reading my last post I felt really bad about the impression it might have left. It was composed after a bad day. Our air-conditioner quit overnight on Monday into Tuesday and it was 1:30pm and 86 degrees inside the house (95 outside with a 75 degree dew point) before the repair guy came and got it going again. That tends to produce a pessimistic outlook on just about anything!

We managed to spend an hour outside this morning while Austin was mowing the lawn and cleaning up the yard. I let my guard down a little and allowed Emily to run around barefoot. I absolutely loved doing that on the farm in the summers growing up, but after the whole sliver in the foot incident a couple weeks ago I have been hesitant to let Emily do it.

I decided that my current bent against going outside is partially a product of trying to manage the demanding and shifty schedule of a newborn along with a finicky, boundary-pushing toddler. Add to that trying to keep the house in show condition. I just don't have the time and energy to deal with any potential mud/sand/grass stains on neutral carpet disasters right now. The new house will have mostly tile and hardwood floors. Much easier to clean up! In addition, I'm currently on antibiotics for mastitis (another fun adventure this week :op) that make me extra-sensitive to the sun. I'm really not looking for a bad sunburn right now either!

I still get annoyed and cranky about heat, humidity and bugs, but I am thankful for summer. :o)

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Heather's Henhouse said...

sorry to hear about the infection from mastitis... not fun. as far as summer, it looks like it should be nice this week so hopefully we can all get our youngsters outside to enjoy themselves.