Monday, February 16, 2009

Weekend in Des Moines

We had a Lorenzen family weekend in Des Moines. While we only got about an inch of snow in Denver on Friday, they got 7 inches in Des Moines, so there was some fun snow to play in! Emily and Cousin Asher went sledding with Grandma Lorenzen and made snow angels. Grandma also introduced Emily to eating snow. :o) Pictures are below and videos are in the February video player at the bottom of the blog.

Here is the best attempt at getting a picture of the three squirmy Lorenzen cousins. :o)

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Small Town Saver said...

Love the new videos! We couldn't stop laughing at her giggles during the Curious George sorting. What a silly girl! I got too lazy on the Valentine Day cookies this year..I bought all the ingredients for cut out cookies and then copped out with a double batch of Monster Cookies (using Christmas M&Ms!) instead! Oh well, there's always Easter.