Saturday, February 28, 2009

28 months old

Since Emily doesn't have an official monthly birthday in February, we'll call her 28 months old on the 28th! One rather disturbing development this month has been Emily deciding to add an "ah" sound to the end of a lot of words. She often calls herself "Emilia". I'm sometimes "Mommy-ah" and Austin "Daddy-ah". She asks to watch "George-ah" on the "T.V.-ah". She doesn't do it 100% of the time, but enough to sometimes get annoying. We told her she has 3 weeks until Grandma B comes to visit to kick the habit. My mom is a Speech-Language Pathologist and it will drive her nuts!

On a positive note, Emily has started napping again! She has taken a solid 1 1/2-2 hour nap every day for a week now except once when it got ruined by a 15 min. snooze in the car seat right before lunch. That has been great for my own well-being. However, the trade off is that she bangs around until later at night in her room and wakes up earlier in the morning. I think the earlier daylight is also a contributing factor. That's the only downside of spring coming!

Speaking of spring, we are all really ready for it to come! We enjoyed a couple nice days last week and took walks around the block. Emily & I will both be glad when going outside is regular option during the day. We built a snowman on Tuesday and on Wednesday Emily was gravely concerned by the fact that it had completely lost its head. She insisted that we, "get 'nother head and put it back 'gether!" :o) Emily was also fascinated by the fact she could see and actually walk on the grass (although it's still brown and crunchy). I was excited to see tulips and daffodils just beginning to poke up through the receding snow of the front landscaping this past week. But I have to remind myself it's still only the end of February and 70 degree temperatures are still a ways off!

Emily has been introduced to VeggieTales and Clifford this month and, of course, they are her new loves (although Curious George and/or Dr. Suess is never far from her mind). I think it just proves how true the saying is that "What our children see in the world depends on what we show them." We have a rock carved with that saying in our bedroom, and it is a good reminder to make wise choices when it comes to raising our children. But I digress. The Clifford books came from the library. Emily doesn't know there is a PBS TV show yet. VeggieTales has come from sing-a-long DVD's on road trips. It is hilarious to listen to her try and sing some of the songs. She's steadily improving on the theme song, although it's still "up and down the produce mile..." :o) She especially gets excited about Larry playing the tuba. Of course, she also quotes some of the lines with perfect expression and intonation. Her best, and funniest one, is from the Silly Song called "Barbara Manatee" and goes like this:

Bob: Larry, what are you doing?

Larry: Watching a little T.V.

Bob: Mmmmaybe you should go read a book.

Larry: Okay

Her other favorite funny quote is from The Lorax by Dr. Suess. She points her little finger and declares, "I speak for the trees!" Does that mean we're raising a little tree-hugger?!? ;o)

As we continue to make preparations for the arrival of the new baby I often wonder more about how it will affect Emily than me. Just in the last week or so she has occasionally shown some interest in "mothering" her only baby doll (i.e. feed bottle, change diaper/clothes). Up until this point she has largely ignored the doll and just played pretend with her stuffed animals. In addition, as I have been busy working on things, I have picked up on a distinct pattern of her acting out when she doesn't feel like she has been getting enough one-on-one attention. Although this is completely normal and understandable for her age, it is only going to get worse when the baby comes. At least I'm aware of it, I guess.
Our February pictures are uploaded to Winkflash and the (rather sparse) February video player is below.

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Small Town Saver said...

Thanks for the posting! I am really missing you guys! Can't wait to give Emily a big hug. I'll see you in less than a month. yAy!