Sunday, April 27, 2014

Village Creek Bible Camp

Some friends invited Emily & I to join them for a Mother/Daughter weekend camp at Village Creek Bible Camp near Lansing, Iowa.  Emily had never been to a camp before, and I have only vague (not so positive) memories of summer church camp growing up, so it was a great opportunity to create new, positive memories together!  We both had a fantastic time.  Emily got to try out all kinds of new activities.  I was impressed and proud of her bravery and perseverance.  I enjoyed being unplugged (other than taking pictures) and having 48 hours of nothing but positive interactions together.  It was also fun to hang out with friends when we wanted to and be alone together when we needed to.  I highly recommend checking out any of Village Creek's family oriented camps.  Emily is already planning the next one!

We carpooled after school on Friday with two other moms and daughters.  We took a little side trip to Gunder, Iowa to experience a Gunderburger at The Irish Shanti.  I couldn't even finish a half-size one.  It is an experience.

It was almost dark by the time we arrived at the camp.  After checking in and getting our stuff settled, we attended the opening session and had snacks afterwards.  Then it was time to calm down three wound-up girls on bunk beds.  We were fortunate to be put in a bunkhouse room with just our friends and our own private bathroom.  The girls were all about the top bunks.  The moms were happy being on the bottom.  Emily was excited to journal all about her experience.
It was a late night, but it was a beautiful morning.  After a delicious breakfast and opening session, we were free to explore the grounds and participate in all the activities offered.  Here is our day in pictures...

First attempt at archery
First horse ride
First horse ride in like 15 years.

Selfie by the creek
Bungee trampoline
On top of Pulpit Rock
It was quite the hike, and she had more energy than me!
Tree climbing--with some gutsy perseverance she made it up over 20 feet.
"I can't believe I just climbed that high!"

Kayaking on the lake
Beach watch
How far can you throw a rock?
That's a BIG chair!
Helping out with praise & worship
Camp friends
Whew!  Let's just say everyone fell asleep a lot sooner the second night!  It poured rain during the night and rained off and on the next morning.  It cleared up just long enough for Emily to be able to launch the model rocket we put together.  She was the only one who made one during the camp.

We arrived home Sunday afternoon tired but happy.  We're already looking forward to doing it again sometime!  Below is the video I made of our weekend.

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