Sunday, April 20, 2014


Easter morning began with Easter buckets and a pack of sprinkle doughnuts...

After breakfast was the highly anticipated egg hunt...

Examining their loot...

We were excited to have our international host student, Andjelka, and her roommate, Aleksandra, come to church with us at Orchard Hill.  It was crazy there.  We got the last seats available in the Community Center 15 min. before the service even started.  The service was awesome, though.  Both girls said they enjoyed the experience.  They come from an Eastern Orthodox background where going to church means standing for two hours in an old stone church/cathedral in a very liturgical service.  Aleks said she liked the "positive energy" she felt at OHC.  I hope they come back with us again sometime!

Both girls stayed for lunch.  I had fun making full Easter fare with my first ever spiral-cut ham using this great new recipe, cheesy potatoes, green bean casserole, homemade honey wheat rolls and two desserts.  Everything turned out great!  I also provided full Easter dinner for another family, so the kitchen was hopping!

Before leaving, the girls showed the kids how to participate in the traditional Bosnian egg-cracking contest.  Each person holds a hard-boiled egg in their hand and they take turns bopping the ends together with another person's egg.  Whomever has the egg that cracks, loses.  You get two tries per egg (two ends).  Lincoln loved it and shouted, "I win!" every time, regardless if his egg cracked.  There is a video in the April play list.

Thankfully, both kids have a clear understanding of the real events surrounding Easter.  They loved opening the Resurrection Eggs and battled for days over who got to open the last white one (they each got to take a peek at the empty egg).  Lincoln also loves to recite his preschool Bible verse this month: "The Lord is risen indeed!"   Luke 24:34

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