Saturday, April 19, 2014

4 years + 11 months

Lincoln is on the homestretch to his birthday, and he is very excited!  He has also been really excited about the Adventure Bible Storybook Deluxe Edition I bought for him this month.  He had been asking to read and reread the New Testament version he received as a baby gift from my Aunt Janet.  When he started asking about the Old Testament, I got a complete version along with audio CD's.  He soaked that up, too.  In fact, he's listened to the CD's so much, he has several stories almost completely memorized and can recite them with expression.  The funniest part is that he begins every "reading" with the entire introduction spiel from the CD: "Zonderkidz presents The Adventure Bible Storybook.  Written by Catherine DeVries. Illustrated by John Madsen. Read by...  Directed by..."  followed by a humming of the theme music.  He stumbles and mumbles through some of the names, but pretty much has it down!

Kids Monster PackThe Adventure Bible CD's have been sharing air time with the audio CD's of Dave Ramsey's Junior's Adventures book series that came as part of the Financial Peace Kids' Pack I also recently purchased.  We haven't fully implemented the money plan part yet, but Lincoln loves the books.  It's funny to hear him talk about "Dollar Bill's Adventures to defeat the dreaded Dr. Debt."  Of course, he also has gotten other ideas from the books.  Like, if he wants to buy something and doesn't have enough money, the best place to go is to work.  So he thinks he is going to go to Grandpa Boote's farm every day this summer to help milk the cows and feed the horse and get paid $30/week like Junior did in The Super Red Racer.  (Nevermind that Grandpa's farm is 230 miles away, Lincoln isn't even tall enough to reach the milkers in the parlor and Grandpa is planning to sell the cows this summer.)  He also wants to invite everyone he knows to his birthday party and thinks Grandma is going to come with an extra special gift (an envelope with a $100 bill) like in The Big Birthday Surprise.  Probably not going to happen, buddy.

Speaking of reality, one of Lincoln's (and Emily's) favorite TV Shows is Renovation Realities on the DIY network while eating popcorn on Sunday nights.  Of course, that gets him thinking and asking about what we can renovate next.  We tell him that we're all done, but he keeps coming up with ideas.  Also not going to happen, buddy.

His other current favorite TV show is Phineas & Ferb.  It's actually kind of a cute show about making inventions and creative double story lines.  However, that comes with consequences, too.  Because it's on the Disney XD channel, it comes with commercials.  I haven't experienced the commercials for that target audience in years since we mostly stick to PBS Kids and Amazon Prime videos, but it's just as crazy and powerful as ever.  Lincoln is now asking for Snackeez, and the "Dough that Glows".  (I had to Google that just to figure out he was talking about Lumi Dough).  Sigh.

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