Monday, September 16, 2013

Kitchen: Table

The new dining table finally arrived!  It came via "white glove" delivery at 8:00pm on a big semi-truck (the only option on the web site I ordered it from).  Two super polite gentleman from North Carolina with sweet Southern accents assembled and set up everything.  It is beautiful!

I literally designed the rest of the kitchen around this table.  I knew I wanted a trestle base table with a butterfly leaf and bench seating.  It also had to be no more than 84" fully extended.  There aren't many options that fill that tall order!  That's why I ended up ordering online.  This one is 66" and extends to 84".  There are three separate benches of different lengths that can be reconfigured if necessary.  We couldn't do built-in benches because of the radiators.  Below is a set up of the table fully extended with a fourth chair.  It should be able to sit up to 10 people (some kids) comfortably.

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