Saturday, September 7, 2013

Kitchen: Grout & pot filler

Austin grouted the tile back splash and installed the outlet covers and the pot filler today.  It's almost finished and I'm loving it!

We had a bit of an adventure/disaster with the pot filler a couple days later.  Austin was supposed to leave to drive to Chicago for work after supper.  However, he checked downstairs and discovered a steady drip of water coming from the wall where the pot filler was installed.  The floor joists were wet and there were puddles on the floor.  He turned off the water main to take off the pot filler since there wasn't a shut-off valve installed.  He couldn't get one of the additional plumbing parts unscrewed and ended up bending it.  That wasn't going to get fixed right then, but the water was still off.  He didn't have a spare shut-off valve for the PEX tubing, and the local hardware store had just closed, so he ended up having to drive all the way to Cedar Falls to get a shut-off valve and install it so the water could be turned back on.  Then he couldn't get the valve to stop leaking.  Luckily, it was dripping directly over a floor drain in the basement.  He finally left for Chicago at 8:30pm.  The next day I called our friend, the plumber.  He was able to remove the bent parts and reinstall the pot filler.  It took him a couple tries, too, but he finally got in a shut-off valve that didn't leak.  We decided that we couldn't see any evidence of water damage to the upstairs walls, so we didn't have to tear things out.  Whew!

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