Thursday, September 19, 2013

4 years + 4 months

Lincoln's most-asked question this month has been "What's that smell?"  Of course, half the time we don't know what he's "smelling" so we often don't have an answer.  He also developed a love for salt and pepper--mostly just the act of sprinkling it on. ;)

In a large motor development, Lincoln learned how to skip this month (something Emily still has trouble with).  His signature move, though, is hopping on one foot.  Whenever he's excited or meets/greets someone, he hops around on one foot with a big smile on his face.  It's how he enters the room every time at preschool.

In other growth, Lincoln finally moved from size 2T/3T underwear to 4T.  He's really excited about it being Angry Birds.  It's kind of bunchy on the top, but at least he can easily pull it up now.  However, he still prefers to wear it backwards and/or inside out

Although I try to run my errands on preschool days now, Lincoln is still my little buddy at home. :o)

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