Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Share and share alike (not really)

Emily has so graciously shared a cold with me over the past few days. For her it was merely a bump in the road over the weekend, and she's pretty much past it. For me it has slowly ramped up to a full-fledged smack in the face (and ears and throat and chest, etc.). Thankfully, I got all my necessary errands run at the beginning of the week and it's only social activities that will have to be canceled or skipped. :o( Austin has been gone enough lately that he has stayed away from it so far, but he has been working/traveling so much that he is worn down and vulnerable, too.

In addition to sharing a cold, neither Emily nor I have really adjusted to the time change at all. We have pretty much just run the same schedule as normal only an hour later. My own sleep schedule has been chaotic if non-existent lately. Thankfully, Emily has been taking longer, solid naps in the afternoon that have allowed me to catch up here and there.

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