Tuesday, March 17, 2009

"I Want!"

Although Emily still gets out of bed and takes a long time to go to sleep, we have discovered we can avoid the crying/wailing for the most part by leaving her door open a crack. This is in stark contrast to her earlier preferences when she would get out of bed to slam the door closed. Whatever works.

Anyway, this week ushered in a whole new phase. Previously, Emily would constantly ask for things throughout the day in a semi-innocent questioning way such as, "Want to watch George on T.V.?" As of Sunday morning her whole tone changed when she discovered the word "I". Suddenly everything was, "I want to watch George!" in a demanding tone of voice. Since that approach obviously didn't get her anywhere she has now modified it to, "'I want to watch George,' said Mommy!" Now I certainly did not say any such thing--especially in that tone of voice--but it may be true that I was just wishing I could set her down in front of Curious George to get some free time. Of course, that thought is now out of the question. So she's still not getting anywhere with it, but she's still trying. It's almost amusing to see what tactic she'll try next. :o)


Julie Ulven said...

LOL over the last 4 posts. I admire your stick-to-itive-ness! Go mom!

Heather's Henhouse said...

We recently put a pillow in Wendell's bed and his crying had dropped dramatically when we lay him down. Who would have known?

Sarah Craft said...

Points to Emily for being so creative. Her antics never fail to crack me up!!