Sunday, July 27, 2014

First 4-H project

Since Emily was a Clover Kid this year, she was able to take a project to the fair.  I didn't know exactly what to expect for her, but I was in 4-H for seven years, so I knew how to do a proper 4-H project.  We'd been trying to think of something for months, but it finally dawned on me to just let her take the "Upcycle Dolls" she had already made.  Emily picked some of her favorites, and I offered some suggestions to improve the display she had already made for the library.  She included some of her origami objects, and I got to play with my Cricut machine. :)

This was the final result:

I found out a write-up (i.e. goal card) is optional for Clover Kids, but I had Emily do one anyway complete with inserted pictures.  It was the first time she had typed up anything, and she did a great job!  She explained what upcycling is, talked about Camp Invention, mentioned her donation of items to the Upcycle Fair at the library (hello, citizenship!), cited the web site she used for origami instructions and listed two things she learned: It's cheaper and more fun to make things yourself, and it helps the environment to use things you might just throw away.  Then we did a practice session talking to a judge with me playing the role of the judge and Austin as an audience.

The "judging" itself was kind of a letdown.   It turns out a Clover Kids project is just a show-and-tell with the judge who sweetly says, "Boy, you've been busy!  What do we have here?  You did a great job!"  There were no deeper questions, and the judge hardly even glanced at the write-up.  The kids just get a participation ribbon and some coupons for the fair.  Afterwards, Emily remarked, "Boy, Mom, yours took a lot longer!"

Overall, it was a great experience, though.  I think Emily got a feel for what it's like to do a 4-H project, and she was very excited about having her stuff on display.  We're proud of our Clover Explorer!

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