Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Bremer County Fair

It's one of our favorite times of the year--the Bremer County Fair!  Now that the kids are older, it's even easier to stroll the two blocks to the fairgrounds and check out what happens to be going on.  It was an absolutely perfect week of weather.  The kids & I went five out of the seven days--sometimes more than once/day.  We spent four hours there on Tuesday alone.  We hit the food stands, completed the Clover Kids scavenger hunt, watched part of the dairy show, ate ice cream twice (Emily got popcorn from the Democratic Party booth 3x), watched several different demonstrations, attended the 4-H carnival, and of course, looked at all the animals.  The kids (especially Lincoln) desperately wanted to go on the midway rides on Tuesday, but I wouldn't let them since we were going to Adventrueland the very next day where everything would be bigger, better, cleaner and safer.  I'll probably let them take a little of their own money to waste when they show Andjelka around this weekend. :)
Petting Zoo
Make-a-frame workshop

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