Saturday, May 10, 2014

Turn-off-your-screens week

May 4-10 was "National Turn-off-your-screens Week".  There was a flyer sent home from school, and I decided we were going to participate since a) the kids have gotten a little too obsessed with their allotted "screen time" lately and b) Austin was going to be gone for the week.  It went better than expected.  Emily was totally fine with since it was a "project" from school.  Lincoln had a little tougher time, but gave up after a couple days.  However, by Friday he was talking about having "National Turn-your-screens-back-on Week." ;o) 

During the week the TV stayed completely off, and I tried to minimize my screen time to bookwork and some checks of essential email/messages after the kids were in bed.  It was a pleasant week and a good reminder of how much simpler and less stressful life can be.  I did discover, however, that I rely on my "screen" a lot more these days from grocery lists to calendars to "to-do" lists to reminder alarms.  I only pulled out my phone a couple times to snap a few pictures.

Lincoln received a "May Day" gift of tulips from a preschool classmate.  We picked a spot to plant them.

We bought the party supplies for Lincoln's birthday with a "Phineas & Ferb/Agent P" theme.  Lincoln loves his new hat!

When the iPad isn't an option, we make up our own fun!  

We played a LOT of rounds of Monopoly, Jr.  Lincoln cleaned my clock this particular afternoon going 3-0.  One game I lost in record time by only making it around the board 1 1/2 times before going broke.  I had been procrastinating with cleaning the bathrooms all week, so I made a deal with Lincoln that after each game I'd clean one bathroom.  God has a sense of humor!

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