Friday, May 30, 2014

7 years + 7 months

This month Emily celebrated FINALLY losing her 3rd tooth.  She has a consistent track record of having a loose tooth for months before it finally comes out.  This one was hanging on by a string for days.  I finally told her the tooth fairy would pay double if she would pull it out herself that night.  She got a little over-eager and the tooth popped out and rolled right down the bathroom sink drain.  Luckily, she wasn't too upset.  Yes, the tooth fairy kept her promise.  This one actually left a hole on the bottom because the new tooth wasn't almost completely in like the others.  

Emily has really enjoyed two book series this month, both of which are oldies but goodies.  We found out we can get more Hank the Cow Dog books via inter-library loan from Cedar Falls.  Emily has also read a LOT of Boxcar Children books.  Who knew there are now 150 mystery chapter books, plus other spin-offs and formats?!?

There has been significant growth in Emily's desire and ability to write summaries of the books she reads.  At the beginning of the year she fought hard against the idea of writing down a one sentence summary of her daily baggie book from school just as proof that she actually read it.  By the end of the year she was writing more than a page worth of sentences in her daily school journal summarizing the latest book she had read even though it wasn't required.

Another thing Emily has been working hard on is snapping her fingers.  She couldn't quite get the concept of which fingers to move in what way to produce a noise.  Most of the time it just ended up being some sort of flicking movement.  This month she finally got the basic idea.  It's not loud, but she got it!

Here are some of Emily's art and writing projects from the beginning of first grade and Mother's Day:

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