Friday, April 12, 2013

March Madness

Emily really got into the NCAA basketball tournament this year--or at least the part where you fill out a bracket.  She did one for both the men and women with Austin and eagerly anticipated the next time she could highlight her picks.  She had typical six-year-old methods of picking winners.  She chose Pacific to win the men's tournament "because it's so weird that there is a school with the same name as an ocean!"

I am proud to say that even though I knew zilch about the teams going into the tournament, I ended up winning the office pool of my bookkeeping client that was my former employer.  There was no money involved, but it's nice bragging rights. :o)

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Sarah Craft said...

I'm playing blog catch-up yet again and I just saw this post. I imagine those people who really, really, really follow basketball get so upset when those of us who know nothing go out and win bracket pools. Love it! Way to go!