Friday, April 19, 2013

3 years + 11 months

Lincoln is on the three-year-old homestretch!  He has mastered a couple important things this month.  The first is how to eat "freeze pops" (aka frozen Go-Gurt).  He finally figured out how to bite and chew and not just put his lips to it and suck until it melted down his face.  Next up: popsicles.  Much to Emily's chagrin, he also finally figured out how to run the remote for the DVD player in the van.  This is very helpful on our weekly errand runs to Waterloo on Mondays.  It is a point of contention to and from church on Sundays.  Emily is not happy about having to share control.

Another thing Lincoln has learned this month is how to ride a big bike (with training wheels)!  He is just tall enough this spring to be able to have enough leverage to pedal with the seat all the way down.  At first it was very slow trips around the block.  After a week I had to jog to keep up with him.  We've mostly stuck to the flat areas around our house, but Austin took him up to the football field once, and that's a steep hill!  I'm not quite confident enough to ride a bike myself while he goes up and down onto sidewalks and across streets, but it won't be long.  In fact, if we were taking bets, both Austin & I would say Lincoln is more likely to learn how to ride without training wheels before Emily does.  :op

Something we have been working on with the kids is not interrupting and talking over each other--especially at the kitchen table.  My head is often spinning with dual conversations.  They don't get mad at each other (yet), but my brain can't handle it.  I often have to put my hand up in the face of the child who needs to wait his/her turn.  Lincoln often says, "It's my turn to talk now!"

Lincoln continues to be outgoing and friendly.  He refers to everyone as "my friend" or "my best friend."  Ex: my friend, Dad; my best friend, Emily; my friend, Den (a Thomas engine); my friend, Miss Melissa (preschool teacher).  I also loves the way he says "Hos-i-pih-little" for Hospital.

Lincoln has had a few favorite books this month.  He loves to "read" them to me before bed.  He has them mostly memorized with a few variations.  I highly recommend them all!


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