Friday, December 7, 2012

Napping buddies

It was a long week with Austin traveling for work and lots of running around.  By Friday, both Lincoln & I crashed and hung out a long time on the couch together.  It was a sweet way to spend an afternoon.

I was also kind of proud of the little flannel tie-blanket (more like hankie) I whipped out in the morning.  While we were at Hobby Lobby earlier in the week getting fabric for my Advent Dinner tablecloth, Lincoln found some Thomas the Train flannel.  I obliged and got half a yard saying maybe we could do something with it.  He carried it around like a blanket all week.  I didn't feel like getting out my sewing machine to make a pillow, so I cut and tied it (I've never done anything like that before).  It's only 14" square, but Lincoln is happy. :o)

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