Thursday, December 13, 2012

Bed nests

We've had issues with "bed nests" lately.  As part of her morning routine before school, Emily is supposed to make her bed and pick up her room.  Today she told me, "Mom, it might look like my bed is messy, but I just made a nest.  It's supposed to be that way." 

Okay, but that doesn't explain this...

Sometimes Lincoln likes to make "nests" in his room to sleep in.  He has also been habitually hauling all of his pillows/blankets/buddies downstairs and creating "nests".  The problem is getting it all hauled back upstairs at bed time.  I don't want to carry it all up every time, but making Lincoln do it himself takes forever and requires constant coaching. 

It took a while for it to dawn on me the obvious solution--eliminate the stuff.  Lincoln is now down to one pillow, one blanket and one stuffed buddy at a time.  He has hardly noticed and bed time is much less frustrating.

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