Friday, September 4, 2009

Butterfly garden

Emily & I both got official library cards at the Waverly Public Library this morning. And thanks to a tip from a friend, we also explored the huge butterfly garden outside the library. Many of the flowers are nearing the end, but we saw at least 5 monarchs. Emily liked looking at the goldfish in the lily pad pond. I'm excited to go back again and again next spring/summer to see all the blooming flowers as they cycle through. It's also very cool because the elementary school our kids will be attending is right behind the library. We saw a class walking to the butterfly garden as we were leaving.


Heather's Henhouse said...

Emily looks sweet and innocent.. so cute! And it looks like a fun little spot for a close in-town outing.

Anonymous said...


The library offers a great "Story Time" for younger children sometime during the week. Maybe Emily would enjoy it and it would give you about an hour to run errands.