Saturday, August 2, 2008

Tripoli parade

Saturday was a beautiful day for a parade in Tripoli. The theme was Mardi Gras, so Emily fit right in with her shiny red bead necklace. We walked with the Bremer County GOP elephant float. Unfortunately, the parade route was pretty long and it started to get hot. I just missed getting a picture of Emily with 2 suckers in her mouth at once. I think she knows I'm to the point of bribing her to be good during every parade with candy. We made it, but her brand new white skirt was covered with sticky purple drool spots from the large Blow-Pop sucker she was working on, not to mention her face, hands, hair, etc. :op One more parade to go!

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Courtney said...

Let me know what Austin thinks of that book. Kevin DeYoung was the Associate Pastor at Orange City First when we were there and we were in a Bible Study he led for a while. Have some issues with the way he handled things there, but he was a great speaker and very intelligent.