Thursday, August 21, 2008

"Stop it crying!"

Emily's funny phrases are always evolving. A couple weeks ago she started to sometimes announce when she was going to cry, or instead of actually crying would say "Cried". Last week she picked up on a phrase I use often with Cheney and said "Stop it!" all the time--usually when I was changing her diaper or when she didn't necessarily agree with whatever I was doing. This was a little embarrassing when I was chasing her down in the middle of Target last week and she was yelling, "Stop it!" at the top of her lungs as I hauled her back to the cart. :op Well, this week she decided to combine the two and now says "Stop it crying". Basically she's ordering herself around now, although sometimes she directs the command towards her bear and his imaginary tears. I almost laugh every time. :o)

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