Monday, February 13, 2012

52 OHC: Week 6

I have traded margaritas for hot chocolate with a shot of raspberry and a swimsuit for hooded sweatshirts and Ugg slippers, but I'm more motivated than ever to continue the 52 Week Home Organization Challenge and general purging of the house!

The week we were gone was on Trash and Recycling.  It was good timing since I'm pretty happy with the system we already have set up.  It was a good excuse to spruce things up a bit, though.  I gave the kitchen trash and recycling cans a much needed scrub down with a Magic Eraser.  (The recycling tubs in the garage will have to wait until spring.)  I also posted some lists of what is and is not accepted by the Waverly Recycling Center.  This is the recycling collection center in the pantry.  Most recycling items are collected in the large white basket and sorted in the garage about twice/week. (This will eventually be the kids' job.) As mentioned in an earlier post, certain types of plastic bags are collected for Terracycle to raise money for the W-SR school district.  There are also specific collection spots in the kitchen for milk lids, Box Tops for Education, Labels for Education and pop cans.

Waverly has free curbside recycling pick-up for selected items, but they have to be pre-sorted.  We use these cheap green plastic tubs that hang on hooks on a pegboard in the garage.  The recycling is picked up twice per month, and our tubs are usually full or overflowing.  We usually recycle as much or more volume than we throw in the trash.  We are highly motivated to do this since our garbage fees are charged by the can and recycling is free and unlimited.

Some items are not picked up curbside and have to be brought to the Recycling Center every so often.  These include the Terracycle bags, corrugated cardboard, cardboard egg cartons and white paper.  I have a large collection box by the desk for paper to be shredded/recycled.  They have a large industrial shredder at the Recycling Center.

While I don't consider myself a "greenie," I'm happy to be doing my part. :o)

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