Saturday, January 24, 2015

Bunnies & chickens

We have recently become friends with a family who lives on a farm outside Waverly.  They have a lot of free-range chickens and a litter of baby bunnies only a couple weeks old.  We paid a visit on a beautiful Saturday morning.  Emily enjoyed holding the bunnies much more than Lincoln.  He was more interested in chasing the chickens around with a bucket of corn.  They both helped gather about a dozen eggs, which we took home to eat, and they also helped feed & water the animals.  Of course, on the way home we got the expected, "Can we have chickens and bunnies?" question.  The standard answer: "No, that's why we go visit them at other people's houses."  :)

This hen is named "Mrs. Furry".  She is very tame.

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