Tuesday, August 19, 2014

5 years + 3 months

Lincoln has grown up in a lot of ways this month.  He usually picks out his outfit and dresses himself, although there's a very good chance it will be a mismatch or something will be on backwards.  He has decided it's cool not to wear a shirt sometimes like Daddy.  He doesn't want to wear a rash guard with his swim trunks (which means his tummy and back are being exposed to the sun for the first time in his life).  He also likes sleeping shirtless.

Lincoln also insists on getting food out for himself.  He especially likes to make toast and run the microwave.

He has started listening to the radio (Life 101.9) at night instead of CD's.  You can always ask him what the weather will be!

Lincoln is also pretty much past Thomas the Train.  He doesn't play with his trains much anymore.  He doesn't care for his Thomas clothing or some of his other Thomas gear.  Of course, when the Thomas catalog came in the mail this month, he spent days circling and wanting to buy all sorts of things (Emily calculated that his wish list items totaled over $2,000!).  However, as soon as the catalog disappeared, so did his interest in Thomas again.

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