Monday, November 19, 2012

3 years + 6 months

Lincoln is officially 3 1/2!  He still loves everything train (especially Thomas).  He also loves helping in the kitchen and with the laundry.  I gladly let him dig stuff out of the back of the washer and dryer.  He also likes to push the start buttons.  In the kitchen his self-appointed job is to stir the dry ingredients and lick the beaters.  He also likes to arrange the muffin cup liners and play with the dishes in the sink.

Another thing Lincoln has really enjoyed this month is puzzles.  He has graduated from peg puzzles to 24-piece jigsaw puzzles.  He also can play 8-pair Memory without assistance.

A funny quirk Lincoln has had lately is adding "I like" to all his answers to questions.  For instance, if you ask him, "Are you done or would you like more?" his answer is, "I like done."  "Would you like to do a puzzle or play a game?"  "I like puzzle."  "Are you ready to go?" "I like yes."

Since Emily started Kindergarten, it has become increasingly clear that Lincoln is an extrovert.  He can play well independently for a significant amount of time, but he prefers to have a playmate, or at least an audience.  He thrives at play dates and in other social situations.  It's obvious that he gets lonely when Emily is gone all day.  It will be interesting to see how that plays out in the future living with three introverts!

That being said, it's no surprise that Lincoln is loving his Little Go-Hawk preschool experience.  He has won the hearts of all the high school students.  They have put together some fun lessons.  Below are pictures of some of the name tag/crafts and Lincoln with his "Big Person", Tara, on the day she did a lesson on cooking.

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